A320 NX FBW MCDU/AP Failure Input SID during flight

Hello everyone,

I have the following problem:
In the flight plan I entered including STAR and the other waypoints up to the last approach waypoint in the MCDU - not the SID. Now I get the SID from the air traffic controller during the flight and set it in the MCDU. So far everything is ok.

Unfortunately, after the input there is usually a curve to a waypoint relatively at the beginning of the flight and the aircraft wants to return. It does not stay on the previous course. So far I have only been able to solve the problem using the DIR button. But for the passengers it is still quite unpleasant that it goes first to the left and then as a course correction to the right again.

Even a programming book from the MCDU for the Airbus A320 can no longer help me, or I have not found it or have overlooked it.

Perhaps someone else has the problem or has it not yet been programmed correctly by Fly by wire?

I thank you for your help and continue to have beautiful sunny flights.
Greetings from Germany

PC Micro.Store Version normal Mode.
A320 FBW NX Dev.Mode - latest Version from 17.10.2021

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That’s the flyback bug, it’s a known issue and it might get fixed with the update this week. Other than that there are two options, after you enter the new waypoint do a “direct to” and select the next waypoint so it won’t fly back to the beginning or use the experimental version of the a320.

Thank you for your information. Then I’m looking forward to the update and hope that it could be fixed. Super :slight_smile: