A320 package required to play CJ4 based landing challenge

I couldn’t start the C74 based ‘Sestri/LIMJ’ landing challenge - the game referred me to the Content Manager to install an A320Neo.
I installed it, made the landing, then uninstalled and tried it again and I got the same error:

Oddly, the preceding challenge, ‘Reggio Calbria’, needs a 320. I couldn’t find a bug report, am I the only one with this issue?
Small update: I guess it’s a real bug given that the G:\FS2020\Official\Steam\microsoft-landingchallenge-limj-sestri\manifest.json states:
“dependencies”: [
“name”: “fs-base-propdefs”,
“package_version”: “0.1.0”
“name”: “asobo-aircraft-a320-neo”,
“package_version”: “0.1.0”
“name”: “microsoft-italy-point-of-interest”,
“package_version”: “0.1.0”
“content_type”: “MISSION”,
“title”: “Landing Challenge - Epic - LIMJ Genoa”,
“manufacturer”: “”,
“creator”: “Microsoft”,
“package_version”: “1.0.4”,
“minimum_game_version”: “1.26.3”,
“release_notes”: {
“neutral”: {
“LastUpdate”: “”,
“OlderHistory”: “”
“total_package_size”: “00000000000002963211”

I don’t think it’s a bug, it’s probably due to an asset that is used for the landing challenge, being part of the A320NEO.

Base game MSFS content will have been developed based on the assumption that all players have all the standard edition content installed. I don’t know what precisely, but it most likely does need something from the A320NEO.

Is there an A320 on approach ahead of you or on the ground at the airport during this challenge?

No other planes to be seen in this, or any other, landing challenge that I’ve seen.

Each landing challenge only requires one plane as a minimum dependency* ie the plane you are flying.
Thought: is there any part of an A320 that could be used in a CJ4? (at least in sim terms)

Just to check, I also deleted the folder and re-acquired it through the content manager (in World Update 9 aka Italy) and the error/problem is still there.
Clearly a bug/error/fault, call it what you will.
The only easy way to check the rest are not bugged in a similar way would be to compare the manifest.json files to each landing challenge.

Some extra info that I’ve found:
There appear to be two ‘types’ of landing challenges : Asobo and Microsoft.
*looking at the manifest.json files, the 27 of the 34 Asobo ones require an Asobo plane - rest are missing that tag; all 24 of the 24 Microsoft ones (maybe added on/after June '22?) require an Asobo plane of some sort.
The 7 missing an aircraft dependency are:
Asobo-landingchallenge-biis-isafjordur *
Asobo-landingchallenge-efva-vaasa *
Asobo-landingchallenge-ekrn-bornholm *
Asobo-landingchallenge-ensb-svalbard *
Asobo-landingchallenge-essa-arlanda *
(Oddly, 5 of those (starred) were the only Asobo ones not updated recently and all have Jun/Sep '22 dates on my PC - not sure what to make of that.)
As a retired programmer, and ‘habitual completist’, I would be uncofortable with the lack of a dependency in those files as well.
FYI The other 4 MS challenges, that require an A320, do not appear in the choice of challenges that I am presented with when in game - that makes some sense but it makes me think that there’s another file somewhere…

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