A320 pulling up without rotating the stick

Hey guys… since todays World Update UK my Flybywire A320 is pulling up automaticly at around 120/130 KT without touching the joystick.
Anyone else noticed that ? Maybe also for other airplanes ?

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Same, and when i start the flare, the a20nx goes not really to the ground. I think they change the ground effect…

Yeah, I’m sure the FBW team will get it tuned. You should report it as an issue on their GitHub. They get on those bugs pretty fast. My departure was a bit off as well, and a few FL changes were a little “floaty” and I also experienced the soft landing issue…not unflyable but a bit unexpected and a little less accurate than it was IMHO.

Same for official A320, you can land ???
you have to push the flight stick forward…
better when they(Asobo) don’t touch anything :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

I reported this issue now on their GitHub. Let’s see if they are fast as usual…

If they don’t touch anything then none of the bugs will ever be fixed


Thanks you

We are on it and already know what to do. Should be fixed soon.

Some fixes by Asobo caused a higher lift on flaps. They actually fix their stuff, and we have to revert our stuff, we did to compensate their previous (unfixed) stuff. So actually it’s a good sign that this is happening.


You guys from FBW are awesome !


LOL! Totally well put. Love what you guys have done for us and expected nothing less than you guys being completely on top of it as usual. New graphics inside look awesome BTW.

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How dare you come here with your positivity!

Love what you guys have done and what you are still doing, blows my mind.

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Fix is now out in the latest developer version.


Everything works fine now :wink: Whats about the flightplan ? When I set a depature the mcdu doesn’t connect some waypoints or the departure is shown incorrect. Is that also a known issue?

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