A320 rocking back and forth at cruising altitude

Are they trying to simulate turbulence? It’s just a continuous back and forth quick rocking motion that doesn’t go away. Anyone else experience this ?

It seems to have arrived after the last patch.
If it’s the same thing that’s affecting me, turn the A/P off for a few seconds.
It should settle down quickly. As soon as it does, turn the A/P back on.

It happens when you fly through a sudden change of wind right now. Currently you can fix it by turning the AP off then back on.

I only have this happended to be 5% of the time… it does happen but very rarely. And it does happen when there’s a sudden change in wind direction and speed, causing the autopilot to make “corrections” after corrections, thus the rocking motion.

Turning it off and on again will stabilise the aircraft.

trying lower speed and/or altitude

It goes absolutely insane in turbulence. I seem to get it over mountains, where turbulence is more prevalent. I’ve had it happen over the Pyrenees, alps and Scottish highlands.

Additionally you can switch off the ELAC SEC FAC switches on the over head panel for a few seconds. It worked for me when the ailerons were randomly oscillating.

PS remember to do so while on autopilot, as it disables the fly-by wire.

Tried switching from AP1 (which I usually use) to AP2 and the swaying went away almost in an instant.

Switching back to AP1 brought it back. Switching to AP2 again and the aircraft went stable. Absolutely reproducible, at least in my case.

Helped me several times already.

Do you get it if you fly with ap2 and never use ap1?

I got rid of it by switching to FSX flight model. Did the A/P dance for a while but got sick of how high maintenance the cruise is.

Last time it started to oscillate, I changed to FSX flight model while it was doing it and when I resumed flight it settled down almost instantly. I’ve just left it on FSX since then and I’ve never had it happen again.

If you left it on legacy flight model, you’ll be having issues on the other phases of the flight. Doesn’t seem worth it to me.

I think I’ve been having the same problem as you brought up since the latest patch. I’ve noticed decreasing my airspeed (slowing down) seems to make the left and right rocking go away. Also, as others have mentioned, turning off AP also makes it stop.