A320, speed, altitude error after SU5

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it? NO

Brief description of the issue:
A320 shows wrong speed and altitude or the read back is wrong.
I’m getting overspeed warnings, even though I’m under, indicated.
I’m at told to climb to a FL, which I’m already at indicated, over and over.
The aircraft never had the power to reach FL380…

Somethings not right

CPU: I7-9700K
GPU: RTX 3070ti

The issue occurred right after SU5 update

I have the steam version

Experienced this earlier too, my FlightShare app had me at FL390 even tho my instruments said FL345. ATC didn’t know what to tell me to do.

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Yep this is def a bug, i had same issue yesterday on vatsim where i was +1000ft higher

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Hi @SirSinkalot, and welcome to the forums!

This sounds like a combination of two known issues:


A hotifx that is being released tomorrow should help with at least the first of these two issues.

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Sorry can’t find how to post new topic. am having trouble with setting the altitude on the A320, when I set it it still snows the default altitude of 5000ft when I switch to external view. this only happen with the latest update.