A320 Starting apu after landing

Hi everyone I’m having issues starting the apu after landing. When I click to start it the avionics go off and engines shut off.

Any advice maybe I’m doing it wrong or something

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I don’t have xbox, so I can’t correctly verify this, something there may be different.
Does it do this at every airport?
Are you using an addon livery?
When you start your flight, is it cold and dark from a gate, or on the runway?
If you start a flight on the runway, does this happen if you try to start the APU while lined up for takeoff?


Do you press Master SW first, then Start? Also make sure the fuel pumps are on.


Yes thanks, I notiiced that, I wanted to know if it did the same during these times as well.

The apu starts fine on a cold and dark from the gate. It’s just after landing that the issue is and it’s every airport. I did manage to get it working yesterday. I have to have the batteries turned on for it to work