A320 uncontrollable

hope they really fix A320 next update and many other things…
Like improve the scenery…they downgrade with last updates…and they said wasnt intentional…hope they can fix it.

About A320, still cant turn on Bat 1 and 2 … they cant fix this issue?

Have you tried setting “ground aircraft density” to zero as well as “use generic AI models”? Try that from main menu rather than the escape pause menu and see if it helps.

When I use the Flybywire mod, My gps screen says ’ not avalible…

What has that to do with the AP of the A320? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Because it need to be initialised properly…

Well some people have indicated that it helps. Hasnt worked here so far the autopilot is just broke at the moment. The only way I have found to fly the A320 was not to use the AP at all, and even then after I have turned it off, it seems to turn itself on by itself.

See my post here On the lighter side of things ... it Works sometimes! - #2 by KingSwanith about using the A320. Sometimes even with the AP off the trim wheel will act on it own! ;p

Follow the checklists. You will come across the part where you turn on the ADIRU. The switches are located on the top left of the overhead panel. It takes a few minutes for the units to actually allign.

I’m afraid this is a classic case of RTFM (no offense).

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ahhhh but i would like to see everything, as much realistic as i can man :confused: , i dont want to turn it to off , i have everything on maximum

Well, you’ll still have the live traffic.

I don’t use FMC, AP bug tends to affect those using world map to make flight plans.

I think what is happening is it decides to circle and follow flight plan backwards. Often it will circle to the left because it’s confusing.

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Yes it’s a hot mess. Before the patch the AP worked flawelessly, right now it’s completely useless. What on earth did the devs do to mess it up like this smh

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As I wrote : everthing works (nearly ) nicely, but you have to follow the checklist and procedures.
If you miss out an important detail ( like turning on the ADIRU etc etc ) … you are stuck.
I am used to fly the PMDG 747, 777 and QW 787 … so I thought A320 is nearly the same … I discovered ( surprise :slight_smile: ) it is not !

Even with that A320 mod from Flybywire this **** plane is still banking sharply to the left and gaining no altitude while I set my AP , FDR and everything on.


The same thing happened to me until I put the following parameters in the joystick sensitivity: sensitivity -80, dead zone 5%. Try to see.

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Where did you do that. In the calibration menu at windows or inside the sim?

Thank guys, trying it out now

No offense but it seems like you haven’t bothered much with the basics of how the A320 works.

I have flown for about 20 hours in the A320 in this sim without any issues. AP worked all the time

It’s a bug and has already been reported multiple times in A32NX mod…!