A320 update

I hope asobo can update the default A320, because for Xbox players, there is no professional and perfect A320 to play. Coincidentally, I like the A320 very much, which is also a big reason for me to buy MSFS. But the default A320 disappointed me. It is not professional, only suitable for novices. The known A320 plug-in does not support Xbox, which is very annoying. I hope to find a way to solve this problem.

It was never the aim of MS to provide professional and/or perfect airliners for MSFS.
The default A320 is quite useable IMO and miles ahead of the old FSX version.


You’re right, but as a player, I really want to play a more real A320, just like the default Cessna in the game. But it’s hard for me to experience, so I’m disappointed.

I read that a company called Fenix simulations is busy developing a more professional looking and feeling A320 for MSFS:

Is is not out for buying though.

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I think you missed one of the important points about the which…availability for XBox. Fenix A320 will not be available on XBox, at least according to their announcements.

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… and FBW will no longer be on Xbox. So what options are there for a more realistic/functional a320 for xbox?

Me too, i bought the xbox Just for play fs2020 and now i am very sad that fbw and other add-ons dont Will come to The console… i am from Brazil and a PC here to run fs2020 is soo expencive, xbox is less than a half of price, but now i will see if i Will sell my xbox or kip it…i cant play with The Best jets…

It’s clear that we should do something to get mods what we need,because WE ARE PLAYERS and we bought Xbox.Microsoft and Asobo should tell us what we can get,what we can’t get before buying, or players will not buy any more.

Sorry AGuther, I indeed missed that point. Maybe this is because complex models need more computing power and the xbox can’t handle that. And beside that, games for the xbox need probably a certain certification (certain minimum fps requirement etc.). Could be a problem for these companies.

The only way to get on Xbox is via Marketplace. Fenix said part of their simulation code is running outside the sim which is impossible on Marketplace and therefore Xbox.

In case of FBW the issue is on the one side the GPL license which is not allowed in the marketplace and on the other side it’s also about resources being able to provide support and testing for this platform.

So for the Xbox users I cross my fingers that the upcoming Aerosoft Airbus products will find their way on XBox (I’m sure they will).

Unfortunately, whether you sell your XBox or not, Microsoft already made their money from you. To this extent, their commercial strategy is justified (I do not agree with it)

But AFAIK at least you don’t need to buy MSFS again…

Ok, True, but i will stop paying the gamepass , navgraph, add-ons, etc

Ok, but it is they problem, they will sell a lot and make money with us, working and make money is not easy, come on, no pain no gain.

Its not really anyones fault that these mods are not available for MSFS, in time they may find a way but again dont be so suprised that Xbox will not be as mod compatible compared to PC. this is the case with every single title.

The default 320 is not as bad as you make it out to be, yes A3NX is far superior but that doesnt make the deault aircraft bad.

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I agree this the first time a flight simulator has been introduced to a console platform and patience will later pay off eventually as developers start releasing their work.