A320 V2 Autopilot & Autothrottle Buttons Broken Using Thrustmaster Flightstick


I noticed recently that when I fly the Airbus A320neo V2, when I try to activate the autopilot using my T-Flight Hotas 1 flight stick for Xbox it won’t activate and neither will the button that I have mapped for the auto throttle.

I have gone onto other aircraft such as the default A320neo and tried to use it for this purpose and it has been fine, no issues there. This leads me to belive that it is not my flightsick that is the issue.

I have also checked that both of my flightsick buttons are bound to the autopilot and auto throttle sections of the controls page which they both are.

Hopefully someone could help me find a solution for this.


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Okay thanks, I wasnt sure where to post it to be honest.