A320 v2 TCA throttle autothrust disengage in Climb position

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A320 v2

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With autopilot on and throttle set on climb, auto thrust disengages and throttle resets to idle without any reason

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Use TCA throttle and fly with a flight plan, autopilot, autothrust on

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What peripherals do you have connected and do you have AI Throttle on? :slight_smile:

I have had ZERO issues w/ my TCA and this aircraft. Make sure you’ve properly calibrated your peripherals in the tablet in the aircraft.

Do your TCA Knobs for Engine Mode Selector and Auto Break react?

I guess the Problem ist connected to the TCA knobs.
If I don’t use them, I also get no Problems…

Ahh, no, they do not, but I believe we just have to map them in settings. Inibuilds may use different triggers than the other A320s in the sim.