A320 vs A32NX cockpit display

Anyone know if it’s possible to change the cockpit display of the A32NX to the A320? Because you can’t even read your speed and trim % on it.

You need to align the airplane’s inertial reference system before moving the airplane. I suggest you start here: Overview - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation


There is no trim indication on that display. And as said above, you have not aligned the IRS at all, thats why you cant read anything. :slight_smile:


Lol, just playing this game for the first month (love it though) but still a lot to learn on it.

Is it also possible to do it while following the checklist?

The ADIRS/IRS has to be aligned on ground and before you move your aircraft. Atleast in real life. Its the 3 big white knobs on the overhead panel. Set all 3 to NAV and wait till it is aligned.
In the Flypad you can choose how long it takes. “Instant”, “Fast” (3mins) or “Real” (7minutes).

This video will help you understand:


It works well now. :+1: :+1: