A320N Master One Switch

Since a few month (after one of those major updates), my Engine master One switch can only be handled by mouse klick. I was not able to solve the problem. I noticed it´s not just a problem with my thrustmaster tca. Even if i program the command on my keybord, it´s not moving. Oh btw. it doesn´t matter which a320 i use. Asobo or flybywire mod. Engine master two switch is just fine. No problem here.

What bindings do you have for the engine keys on the Quadrant?
Have you tried deleting the Quadrant profile and resetting it to default?
Do you have any duplicate bindings for the Engine switches (e.g. on the keyboard or Joystick?)

Hi @BravenHardTwo,

I’ve closed your thread as there’s an existing one about the same issue (see below). I’ve linked directly to the post in that thread that contains a work around for the TCA throttle, so I’d suggest trying that.

If that doesn’t help, drop me a message and I’ll re-open this thread so you can provide additional details on the differences to that bug.