A320NEO ACJ with extended range

Hello to all “modders” or anybody who try to make it…

I use the FlyByWire A32NX.

My question, is there any tweak to increase the fuel capacity to that level of the A320NEO ACJ?

The original had 4 additional center tanks with a total of 34351liters of fuel (27480kg).

I know that it is possible to “increase” the fuel value in the aircraft.cfg. But when i do that, every A320 in the sim has it? Am I right?

Any ideas?

If you edit the aircraft.CFG that belongs in that livery folder, it will only apply to that livery. It doesn’t affect the other liveries in the A320.

But I’m under the impression that it’s only used for the UI on the menu, only showing the range in the display and not really showing the actual range if you edit it.

If you want to edit the fuel capacity, you have to edit the Flight_model.cfg. Now this applies to all the A320. Not just the ACJ livery.

The only thing I can think of, is to split the aircraft into a separate “aircraft mod”. It takes everything from the default A320, but the duplicated aircraft will have a modded Flight_model.cfg that has the new capacity, then just attach the ACJ livery to that new aircraft mod.

It’s easier said than done, though.

thank you for your answer! I will try, if I can only connect the ACJ-livery with this new total fuel value.

in real, there are up to 4 additional center tanks in ths fusalage, but i will only increase the total capacity of the center tank from 3000 to 5096GAL. I think it is okay because the additional tanks in the real A/C sits almost at the same longitudial position.

Yeah, if you want to change that, it’s in the Flight_model.cfg

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thank you! I try it :slight_smile:

Ok so if you go to the g36 guifares(?) mod there’s links to combining the two g36’s, the stock one and robs turbo. You can get both in game at the same time. You’ll want to copy the method to create two separate a320’s in the sim. On the avsim forums in those threads you can find a modified json layout that will allow to have both g36. Thats the key. You need a modified json but you need it for 2 separate 320s. Maybe you can message the guy that created it and figure out how he did it.

Also you will have figure out how to tie the liveries to the new one. Its a pita, but it can be done…

…so, i just add the flight_model.cfg with the addet fuel capacity to the folder of the ACJ livery. But it don´t work.

My goal is, when i select the ACJ livery, that only this AC have the higher fuel capacity.

Does anybody of you could explain me, how I can do that?

I did say this, didn’t I… You’re not attaching the same flight model to the livery. You need to have a Separate A320 duplicated from the base file and add it as a separate A320 mod. Then the flight_model cfg can be assigned there. Then you would need to connect the ACJ livery to the new A320 mod instead of the default one.

Then you would need the same A32NX mod to use that new separate A320 otherwise, you would end up getting the default A320 instead.

Like I said… easier said than done… And probably not worth the effort… At least, for me…

THX, Neo4316 ! I will try it, but, as you said, I don´t know if it worth… Maybe sometimes, when the A320 is flyable!

I don´t want to make a 9+ hour flight and on flare, when the bad issue with the bank occur, all my fun is gone!

I hope, we will soon get some flyable airliners!

You won’t be getting the bank issue occur if you properly set up your controls and sensitivity. I’ve been flying for hundreds of hours on the A320 and the last time I got a bank issue on flare is back in September. I never had the bank issue since after I set up my controls accordingly.

You can check out on all my landings on my YT channel:

…the bank issue on the A320 is a known issue. Also that it occures unfrequently…the one use have more problems with it, the other don´t. Also the correct setting of controls don´t fix it. It is a fundamental issue somewhere in the FBW code.

Good for you, that it don´t affect you :slight_smile:

the video you show is not the A320 :wink: On the 787-10, I do not have issues with the bank on flare! :wink:

Look at the other videos in the playlist. The 787 is just the first video there.

If some people are experiencing and others don’t. Then it’s definitely not a issue in the code since everyone is using the same code. The only differences is that some people would have different settings value with other people. But we don’t know what that is yet. I only set up my controls accordingly a long time ago, then I stopped having the bank of flare bug.