A320neo black screens after turning on battery

Anyone else having issues with both versions of the a320neo? The default version and the sound mod versions sometimes have black screens after turning on the battery switches and external power. Here’s a short video showing.

Search will help you find answer.

Don’t know what you mean by that.

Have you turn the brightness knob up?

Those are usually set to 50% each always.

well, usually a display issue like that is caused by an incompatible addon. But you’re on Xbox, so I’m not sure how it can be incompatible. It’s not like you have the now outdated FBW A32NX available in the marketplace for Xbox.

Just happened to me again, I turned on the airplane with screens showing perfectly fine, 5 seconds later off.

Did you try without the sound mod installed?

I said both versions of the airplane, default and sound mod.

Yes you did.
I didn’t ask if you tried them separately.
I asked if you tried after you uninstalled (using the Content Manager) the sound mod from the sim.

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