A320neo - Changes to approach in MCDU break VFR map

Every time I manually enter approach details on the MCDU and “insert” the changes, the VFR map immediately freezes and it doesn’t come back unless I restart a flight (i.e. closing and opening the map again doesn’t fix it).

Not sure if it happens with the other airliners. Had no issues with smaller aircraft.

Has this been reported already? I searched but came up empty.

Does it affect the flight navigation itself?

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Doesn’t seem like so, no. AP will still follow the approach route, align with the localizer and follow the glideslope.

Are you using stock A320neo or the FBW mod?
If the latter, which version?

I’m using the stock neo and I have no mods, just simple liveries. Not sure if it happens with FBW’s variant.

It’s very easy to reproduce, at least in my case:

  1. Before the flight enable IFR, and set a route (e.g. high-altitude airways) and leave the approach as “automatic”. NOTE: If you enter an approach before the flight, the bug is not present.
  2. Once in flight and close to the destination airport, go to the MCDU and enter the approach details as instructed by the ATC. “Insert” the changes into the MCDU.
  3. Watch the VFR map freeze. It doesn’t matter if you had it in view or closed, simply bring it up and it’ll be broken for the remainder of the flight.

For some reason, if you start your flight in the air close to the airport and then set the approach, the bug doesn’t trigger. What I believe triggers the bug is a change in the route (purple/white line) shown in the VFR map. If there is no route beforehand, there’s no bug.

FWIW, if I set the approach in another aircraft, say the Caravan, the VFR map does not bug out.

You’re not alone! I have had VFR map freezes with both the Asobo and FBW A320neo. Specifically, I have had the problems as described on the Asobo A320neo when changing approach routes midflight. On the FBW A320neo, I have had VFR map freezes just after takeoff, without making any changes in the flight computer.

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