A320neo cockpit panels

Hi community!

I’m starting to think and build step by step my own A320neo cockpit.
At the moment, I am researching on buying panels, like the ones that sell these websites:

https://www.homecockpits.fr/ or Hispapanels

I know, it will be chepear if I do DIY but I want a high quality, even if it takes me a long time to buy little by little.
The questions is: anyone knows more websites that sells panel 1:1 of A320neo, especially in Europe, and that they are not excessively expensive. Including lcd display for heading and altimeter and so on.

And someone has some recommendation about this process. some blog where the steps are commented. tips, suggestions, tricks about building a cockpit?
I’m still thinking about whether to do the pilot part, or the whole panel.

My idea is buy the panels, knobs, etc, and the logic do it myself (I have some knowledge of programming, and it would be a good challenge), thinking using arduino and some sdk…

Many thanks in advance!


I’m currently building an A320 Homecockpit and i bought most of my Panels by Opencockpits: Opencockpits

But also many Panels by Homecockpits.fr.
I would also highly recommend checking out Ebay, for example I get a full overhead for only € 750

For further questions you can write to me :slight_smile:
Cheers Finn

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Thank you!

I finally decided to start with a MIP panel from homecockpits.fr. it will arrive in two weeks, so now I’m planning the support (wood) and so on. Just starting!

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Many thanks!

funny, I also bought my MIP at Homecockpits.fr and it will also arrive in 2 weeks … :joy: :joy: :joy:

If you have Instagram, I can send you a couple of pictures of my support for the MIP?