A320neo default asobo aircraft climbing issue after update 7

Please can anyone help after certain height(for eg after Fl240) the nose frequently going up and down, up and down till it reaches its cruise Flight level plz can anyone help why its happening

This has been an issue for some time. See this thread:

You may want to try the FBW A320 Mod.
FlyByWire Simulations


So is there any solution what to do ? Even localizer is not capturing ils approach many bugs are there

If your airspeed is above 280 knts or so when you try to climb, it wont.

If you click on the altitude commit button a couple of times it seems it will make it climb.

I dont use ils or atc so I cant comment on these.

Oh okah will look that

Thing about the 320 and Im sure most of the planes, is that they wont do things they shouldnt do, even if they could do it when your using the autopilot. Does that make sense.

So if your plane isnt turning correctly or climbing correctly check your airspeed. Its possible that your flying to fast to accomplish what you are trying to achieve ;p

Oh okah cool will look now for speed and if you knw about ils align on finals please let me knw cause its not working btw thanks again

Nope I dont know about ILS sorry, funny though I got the ILS landing ribbon in steam in OCT. and I dont use it…LOL too funny.

ATC is terrible in this game compared to the older version IMHO, so I quit using them altogether after about a month…I fly strictly VFR generally with no flight plan just the way HIMSELF intended it to be ;p

Tried everything but still a320 default nosing up and down everytime i think its a bug dont knw

I’d get the FBW one if I were you. It’s incredible. Puts the vanilla one to shame.

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Managed climb or V/S mode climb?


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I don’t get why anyone would fly the default A320 when there is a superior free alternative.

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When climbing im V/S mode , auto thrust will try to compensate with more Thrust. When reaching the point of Thrust available < Thrust requiered, v/s has a higher priority. Autopilot will still try to achieve the V/S selected by trading speed for climb. When speed keeps falling the protection will lower the nose to gain speed. When speed is sufficent protectuon disengages and the autopilot will try to achieve V/S selected again.

All in all resulting in nose up - nose down changes in climb at high altitudes

My guess


Climb performance in the default NEO is nonsense, even at low weights dropping to 600fpm or less above FL200 with speed managed - which is actually lower speed than the things are normally climbing at in real life at far higher weights and still getting much high climb rates.

I know but it impacts the frame rate

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