A320neo Jittery When Banking/Turning

I’ve done multiple flights with the default A320neo (no mods) since the patch and it seems that the AP swaying left and right is fixed and gone! However, I have noticed during banks and turns in flight that it is jittery. Has anyone else noticed this same effect? I mean if the AP swaying is gone, I can deal with the jittery banking, but it is rather odd and unnatural. IRL, aircraft don’t vibrate/jitter than much in flight when banking. I should also add that during straight and level flight, there are no jitters/vibrations and it is smooth, only when banking.


Yep, you are not the only one, I noticed it during my last flight. New day, new bug…

Noticed it as well. Although only when I was zoomed in to read an instrument. It wasn’t bad when looking at default zoom level. Love the steadiness at cruise though!

I think its on all the aircraft. Even the TBM and Bonanza jitters too lol

+1 for jittery banks in the A320.

It also occurred in the DA62 on climb out in my most recent flight.

I’m running stock sim, latest patch, no mods.

It is the same for me
I spent some times with the tbm and it is jittering when turning. I never had this problem before 1.9.3
Also have a yo-yo pitch problem since 1.9.3

Glad to hear as I figured it was a general bug for everyone. As mentioned, it is definitely more noticeable when zoomed in as opposed to normal zoom in the cockpit. If it means no more AP swaying during cruise and smoother rolls/banks then I’m all for it! I’m still really enjoying flying the A320neo and I’ve gotten very comfortable flying it compared to any of the other airliners.

Experienced the same today in the Citation Longitude. Switching between Full-Screen and Windowed mode made no difference at all.

I ran into something similar (it seems to be on all aircraft):

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