A320neo Liveries North America by 4Simmers

Just bought the A320neo Liveries North America by 4Simmers and was very disappointed to see their name on the engines.

I don’t like bumper stickers, dealer names on my cars. Now why would I want 4Simmers across my engines.

I know some may say it’s not a big deal, but for me it is. Enough to never buy their products again.


I purchased this morning and have not had the chance to use them yet. This does sound rather poor though. Too bad, hope they change in an update

Thanks for letting me know. Immediately deleted from wishlist.

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Hi, captain
We plan to remove it in an upcoming update.


Thank You very much. You will have 5 stars from me once they are removed. Other than that, they are great liveries!

Why include it in the first place? That is just bonkers.


Hey, i heard you were planning a Europe pack. When are you planning to release those liveries? Greetings from Germany.

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Yes, please push Europe pack asap please! Instant buy from me :+1::blush:

Great response from the Dev, I will purchase more liveries from them in the future. .
I do like the work they have done with this pack and it’s a good price. I do recommend it

I will never get it, it was obvious no one wouldn’t want the dev name on a real airline livery

They have said that it will be removed in the next update.

Does anyone know will this work on the FBW A320. Because i don’t fly the Microsoft A320. If it does, then I will buy it. Thanks

Any word from dev on a release of a europe liveries pack

they usually wont work, you need them specifically for the 320nx. But there’s no need to buy them if you’re on pc, plenty of liveries (covering also these) for free

What’s the point of paying for liveries for a free aircraft when you can download the liveries for free from Flightism.to? Unless you’re using Xbox, and even then it’s a scam they’re charging for liveries for a free aircraft…

that should really put in perspective how desperate we are on xbox

A few liveries for less then a €/$ per piece are the least of our worries with the marketplace. A third party put work into them and they are of good quality with the creator name removed. Why should good work be free?

The updated liveries without the 4SIMMERS is now available to download from the Marketplace.


That is correct

Just a shame to see Xbox users with limited options being taken advantage of when the rest of the fs community on pc can get them for free, and better quality without the creators name all over them