A320neo v2: A value proposition: Just launch it and let it fly…

There are LOTs of Xbox pilots longing for a step-up A320neo and the v2 is just that.

It’s not perfect and it’s almost ready to go. Almost. We should let it go into the marketplace…

The Xbox’ers who are willing to learn a near study level model will invest the time and effort to get to know the quirks and features of the v2. They will also likely ride out the update cycle, as uncomfortable and frustrating as that may be. They will not want to go back to the v1 Airbus.

The Xbox’ers who just want to fly from point A to point B with the minimum amount of fuss and frustration - and v2 comes with a measure of frustration for the time being due to its great complexity (which entails hard to anticipate system antics which will likely not go away soon) - will likely drift back to v1 and/or its more glamorous LVFR extensions to pleasantly pass the time. They will not want to put up with the numerous scenarios that might derail carefullly planned flights v2 is dishing out right now, or in the foreseeable future. They may value the journey more than the process. And v2 Autoland is very good indeed if one can figure out how to engage it.

Then there the enthusiasts who will go back and forth depending on the amount of time to sim today. Sometimes old faithful, sometimes the fancy new ride. Two Buses for two different play days.

The hardcore Airbus fans will defect to PC, Phoenix and fly by. They are probably already gone.

The rest will stick with Dreamliners, Please Make D next Great airliner, and, oh yes GA!

So let’s get on with the show. Release the v2 and SU15 because we know it’s good and we know it’s supported, and we know there is always sweet 16, and bigger and better things to come.

Great is the enemy of good, and v2 will not be great anytime soon. It can be good as soon as tomorrow if we let it be. Time to out it out there! Thoughts?

Can’t agree at this point! Maybe after 1 or 2 more Beta releases. The rest of the SU15 looks to be ready, but this is only the second Beta of the A320 V2, and there is 2 issues that IMHO that are show stoppers. One though reduced The MCDU still locks up usually setting up a SID or STAR, that effectively ends the flight and requires a restart. The other is it tends far to often to get off its flight path especially when waypoints are close together, and it has a hard time finding its way back, going into a hunt and search mode Until the A320 is a little more stable , I think Asobo should separate it ftom the overall SU15 release, give it a little more time for Inibuids to stabalize the A320 systems and make it a separate release when ready.


Interesting idea there!

Another vote for release. Its ready enough for prime time. Personally I haven’t encountered any bugs that have prevented the completion of a flight since the update.

I’m aware that the AIRPORT button has caused lock-ups for some people but I don’t need to access that screen during my flow. Maybe I’ve been lucky so far and I’m now tempting fate.

Maybe all my Flight Plans have waypoints far enough apart for the a/c to follow. If we were going to be carrying real passengers I might think differently but this is a game. Let’s play!

There will be issues at launch regardless how many betas are completed. This will be the first complex A320 that many users will have access to. There is definitely a learning curve, but that will be the case whenever it’s released.


Folks are reporting various issues around fuel burn, calculations, etc. I have not been involved in those tests or bug reports. They read like a substantial issue set, thoughts?

I feel that matching a/c performance is secondary to having a functioning a/c in sim and shouldn’t be a reason for holding release. There have also been comments about take-off acceleration and this falls in the same bucket.

The easiest work around for the fuel issue is to add extra fuel after importing from Simbrief and before applying weight data to the a/c.


This begs the question should the model be launched if users will need workarounds to fly it properly as released? Is this fair to ask folks to fly with workarounds? Keeping in mind that simmers not flying in the beta will not likely fly the v2 as you, or I (thank goodness), do; is it fair to expect them to accept the same number and sort of shortcomings that those already intimately familiar with the model do? Perhaps not so fair?

No aircraft will ever be released without bugs with the possible exception of extremely simple ones. Even the Fenix A320 had a number of bugs and inconsistencies that were addressed in subsequent updates and that is payware.

As I’ve mentioned before I haven’t actually suffered from any issues that have stopped me from completing a flight successfully. I truly believe that if the a/c is operated as closely as possible to the real a/c it behaves very well.

I don’t think any level of developer testing will cover the many different ways we come up with to operate the a/c. Expected work flows can be checked. but to cover all the unexpected ones would be virtually impossible. Imagine just 3 steps that should be completed in the order ABC. Those three steps could be completed six different ways. The point I’m making is its impossible to check everything.

I see no problem with releasing this a/c in the current state but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see another update before. It can be a lot of fun to fly but it won’t be for everyone. The complexity is part of the attraction.

The “work arounds” suggestion was to help people find their feet more quickly and make use of our collective experience. Hints on how to use the radio. Avoid pressing the AIRPORT button etc. Some “are” bugs but others are user error.

At the end of the day Asobo et al will make the decision based on overall forum feedback whatever recommendations we make.


Another consideration is how any delay in releasing SU15 affects other release timelines. Both MS/AS & iniBuilds obviously have other projects in the pipeline (e.g. see the Development Roadmap in the March 21st Development Update for the MS ones).

Staff who are currently working on SU15 may have been scheduled to work on projects shown in that chart, such as the next city or world updates (or perhaps 2024). If work on SU15 continues much longer, program managers will have to make a call at some point to reallocate resources, revise timelines, or both. This is not easy to do on a product as big as MSFS 2020/2024. Scheduling / project management gets complicated real fast when you have so many moving parts & dependencies.

From reading the comments on this forum about the issues with the A320neo & LODs on Xbox, I’d not be surprised to see another build dropped sometime next week, but I would be surprised if SU15 was delayed past the end of April. Whether it includes the A320neo remains to be seen.

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It may have some bugs, just like a lot of aircraft already in the sim, they can get fixed over time.

The main thing is the performance and stability, and in my time with it on series x it has been perfectly fine.
I’m sure the reasoning for pulling it in SU14 was because of performance/stability issues, not just some random bugs, even if some of the bugs need fixing asap, such as the fuel management discrepancy.

There is no reason not to release it when the devs have ironed out any other issues with SU15, I don’t think SU15 was delayed just because of the ini a320 V2 either which some seem to suggest.


I might advocate against releasing with bugs or workarounds because, honestly, stability issues have been a major challenge for flight sims. Issues like the terrible LOD in SU15 and screens going black in the A320 V2 and blocking MCDU need serious attention.

A friend who recently started playing himself (not in beta) mentioned, ‘the game is quite buggy,’ and regrettably, I find myself in agreement. It’s clear to me that the development team is doing a fantastic job and is committed to delivering a great game. However, it may be prudent to pause, reflect, and resolve the most pressing issues before moving on. After all, the essence of beta testing is to ensure a stable release for our community. Completing the work to fix bugs is essential. The development team will surely feel a sense of accomplishment once the release stabilizes. This approach will not only build trust within the community but also ensure their long-term commitment with the game.

Just my two cents.

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I’m not sure why the aircraft has to be tied to a release. Just make it available in the marketplace when it’s ready. Call it V2 (beta). I’m in the beta and I’ve tried it and it works but it does have issues. Fine then, I just won’t fly until it gets proper updates. But it’s in the hanger when I want to fly it, bugs and all. Inibuilds can update it as necessary.


I totally agree. Even with “bugs” or “workarounds” its 1000% much better than the default A320Neo.

I only wish they could fix the sound package, which seems to be an INI thing, the A310 had horrible sounds too at least on initial release as I don’t use it frequently.


Personally what I wish Asobo would have done is given the default an avionics update like they did the 787 and 747. It flies great, it’s just missing a lot of the features as far as performance and the MCDU.

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A big bugs list, things folks would like to see fixed before a release (alphabetical order). A quick summary of hot (or not so hot) topics, and not to exhaustively recreate them here, just a quick and dirty characterization/summation. More of an inventory. Anything missing?

CTD/MCDU, FCU indications, fuel burn/rates, flex, flare/float, lights & sounds?


Throttle calibration reset button does not work.

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ILS issues:

  1. Doesn’t auto populate with AI Comms (ATC) assist ON.
  2. Doesn’t auto populate when data isn’t present on sim map
  3. Data entry issues

Oddly I always have AI Comms on and have never had this problem (1), nor do I have the second of third issues you mention either.

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When I have needed to recalibrate my throttle I have experienced this issue.


I’ve experienced the fuel/burn issue and agree with the sounds being too loud but I no longer experience the other issues you mention.

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