A320NEO V2 and stock ATC

I set up a flight plan with Simbrief, then open the world map in MSFS. If I plan to use stock ATC from a cold start, how is that best done? If I load my simbrief plan and then select a gate to start from, the plan changes sometimes. Should I just load the two airports and runways in world map and then ignore ATC?

hello, the way i do it is to download a .PLN file from simbrief and load it into the world map

On the World Map select Departure and Arrival airports. Then move cursor over Departure and select. It will bring up 3 choices, one is Zoom to Details. Select that, then select the gate you want. Select Fly and the sim will open at your gate with you in the a/c. Power up the a/c and select IFR flight plan from the overhead Task Bar. Continue setting up the ac as you like.
Be advised on the World Map if it inserts a bunch of worthless way points (right next to each other for example) delete the waypoints you don’t want or need. Also, chose the altitude you prefer from the Flight Conditions box upper right.