A320neo V2 - Low landscape textures on Xbox

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Airbus A320neo V2(inibuilds)

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When flying with the Airbus A320neo V2, the ground textures/landscape textures are very low, so the aircraft is not optimised as possible, cause with the A310 from Inibuilds(which has same level of complexity) the ground textures are as sharp as normal on Xbox Series S!

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Tske a flight with the A320neo V2 on XBOX SERIES S and look out of the Window!

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Xbox Series S

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: - SIM UPDATE 14 BETA

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Moved into Aircraft & Systems as it’s a beta aircraft :+1:

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Definitely there’s more space for a better optimization for this aircraft, most of the time when I’m about to land the sim starts to stutter


Yeah, there clearly is room for optimization… that one is a polygon monster. Rivet decals alone are eating 68k of polys :wink:

Normally that shall not be a big issue if LOD management is well but the aircraft feels really heavy on performance. My system, which is not the greatest nowadays using a RTX 2080ti struggles to even reach 20FPS above the ocean with clouds on this one. The PMDG handles way better in such situations but is also more lightweight.

I guess it would help much to not display the whole exterior while in cockpit view and vice versa (notice small details like FMC knobs and missing textures visible from external cam :slight_smile:


Same here on XBOX S, terrain textures very blurry with the ini A320


Voted too. It’s better than SU13 but not so crispy like other aircraft in SU14 beta

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Same here: The textures are too unsharp! Even with the Inibuilds A310, which is on the same level of complexity, the ground textures are superb(on XBOX SERIES S!!!)

So… way more space for optimization!

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Geez, it’s no wonder their sceneries are some of the worst performing in the sim.

Tried flying into payware KDCA, got black screens. Tried loading C&D into KDCA and immediate black screens. Tried loading into the runway 01 there, also black screens.

Tried KIAD (Flightbeam), set up and black screens on taxi. Loaded into the runway and immediate black screens. Tried starting on the runway and took off, black screens 5 minutes into the flight.

This aircraft needs to be optimized majorly on console or it’ll be unflyable for anyone who uses 3rd party scenery on console (and maybe even in vanilla!).

This is on Xbox Series X. I imagine it’s even worse on the S.


Same for me. Series S.


That would be a really great optimization I’m sure, just like pmdg did not to show all the detailed cockpit from the exterior cam just an image of it.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Flew Edinburgh to Paris Orly and had very bad ground texture loading on Xbox series X in inibuilds A320 v2

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Textures on runway only loaded during touchdown. Airport buildings didn’t load until very close to airport

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