A320neo V2 no reverse using Thrustmaster TCA Throttle

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A320 NEO V2

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I’m using Trustmaster TCA Airbus Throttle and I completed the throttle calibration process in the EFB. When set my throttle lever to reverse, the lever in-game stuck at idle as shown in the video but the reading in EFB shows reverse.

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Same issue here

Same for all of us

I was able to solve this problem. I did two different things though so not sure which one is the solution or if you have to do both.

1.) I set “Reverse on Axis” to No. Recalibrated and saved it.
2.) I set “Reverse on Axis” back to Yes. Recalibrated again and saved it.
a.) BUT I did not set MAX REV to be completely 0% throttle. I left it just a little bit above the fully down position. See screenshot.

Now the throttles go into Reverse as expected.

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Does it activate reverse thrust with manual landing? For me it doesn’t…

Same on my side TCA Reverse not functioning.

And the solution mentioned here don’t worked for me.

Same here. No matter what you try including changing between the two throttle axis options it still will not reverse.

The same is here with G940

Mine work with a button mapping that I press and hold when I go full power. I get reverse thrust.

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With button I have to those throttles forward