A320NX: ILS Issues

Since the most recent (February) update, my A320NX mod’s flight computer does not automatically input the ILS frequency of the runway I choose in my flight plan, and I cannot input the frequency manually. Accordingly, I cannot pick up the ILS. It also seems not to allow me to land using an RNAV approach. I have tried both the Developer and Custom A320NX mods. Both have the problem. I have not tried other aircraft and thus am not sure if this is happening beyond the neo. Is anyone else experiencing this problem in the NX and/or other aircraft?

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Yeah, I had the same ILS issue where sometimes it doesn’t auto-populate the frequency. But I’ve seen this occuring on some airports, and most notably the handcrafted ones. I’m also using navigraph AIRAC update.

But when that happens I can just open up my charts, and enter the frequency into the MCDU NAV RAD page, and it receives my frequency just fine and I can still capture the signal and land the plane no problem. RNAV is also working too, so I’m not sure why you would be having issues.

You might need to record some videos and show us what was happening to you and what were the steps you make to get it and what did you do to resolve it.

Same here and like you, entering the frequency manually does the trick.

I have limited experience as I am a new A320nx user (and A320 in general), so I may be doing something wrong. I am using the stable FBW build.
An example from my recent experience. No planning in MSFS World Map, only departure gate. Flight plan transferred to MCDU directly from Simbrief. Looks good. I then choose departure SID. Then I choose Arrival (EPGH) ILS06 and a STAR. Flight Plan in MCDU looks ok. (All before taxi)
I then go to the Rad/Nav page and it is empty. Using chartfox I see the ILS freq for runway 06 is I-VG 108.9 and 061deg.
I have tried many combinations but I have only managed to successfully add the ILS freq using /108.9 with nothing before the slash. Not sure what I need to put before the slash?

Also the CRS below the ILS/FREQ appeared as 4 squares but I could not find any valid entry. I tried 60, 61, 060, 061, 0060, 0061. Again this could be due to me just not yet knowing but the examples I have seen have just had a 3 digit heading.

Oh, I am not using navigraph.

(still learning and willing to learn!)

You don’t need to input anything before the slash. All you need is to enter the frequency. The CRS will automatically get populated when the ILS signal is within range. You don’t need to worry about it. Just enter the frequency and the MCDU will handle the rest.

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Perfect! Thank you!