A320NX: Navigating to the Flightplan

I have just completed a flight from Zurich to Dusseldorf, using the A320nx and VATSIM. In preparation for the flight, I set up a flight plan in SimBrief, then transferred it to the mod’s MCDU via Navigraph (I am still having trouble going directly from SimBrief to the A320nx). Once in the air, the MCDU and the graphical display showed that I was following my flight plan, but the controller on VATSIM notified me that I was way off my filed plan (and not too kindly, I might add). When I checked Navigraph, it became clear that he was correct. I completed the flight by using my Heading Mode and jumping back and forth to Navigraph to make sure I was on the proper course. I would add that this happened to me once before on a flight in the United States.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? And does anyone know how to fix it?

At which phase of your flight did this happen? Had your flight plan been transferred to your FMGC completely or only in parts? When importing from Simbrief, SIDs and STARs are not transferred since these would be assigned by ATC. When I tested VATSIM recently, they assigned just vectors to a waypoint instead of a complete SID. Did you make sure that the plan in Navigraph (and filed to VATSIM) was exactly the same as in your FMGC?
From my daily experience with Simbrief flight planning, loading it into the FBW 320NX MCDU and then doing flight following with Navigraph charts, I can say I never see deviations of more then 2-3nm and, in most cases, this happens rather because of sharp turns at higher speeds. There are deviations from the glide slope occasionally, but nothing that should upset a flight controller. Both in Navigraph charts and on the ND I am on track.
Re: your issue with loading your flight plan from Simbrief, it might be an issue of mixing up your Pilot ID (a number assigned by Simbrief) and your user name (a name selected by you, i.e. the name you use for logging on to the service). The mod offers both options for accessing the Simbrief API. This is also something that has been working like a charm for me since introduced to the mod.

hth, Sailando


Thanks for the thoughts. I did not double check the SIDs, but I do think that they were transferred into the the flight computer. In the flight to Dusseldorf, I seemed to be following a parallel course, but basically in the same direction as the Navigraph path. I will try again, perhaps without activating VATSIM and see what happens, but making sure that my Navigraph plan and the MCDU are identical.

And thanks as well for the last suggestions. I will keep trying to load directly from SimBrief.

Did a flight from KBOS to KLGA using your instructions (including loading the flight plan directly from SimBrief). Worked perfectly. Stayed precisely on course, per Navigraph. Thanks for the help.

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