A320NX: Problems Picking Up the ILS

Since the most recent (February) update, my A320NX mod’s flight computer does not automatically input the ILS frequency of the runway I choose in my flight plan, and I cannot input the frequency manually. Accordingly, I cannot pick up the ILS. It also seems not to allow me to land using an RNAV approach. I have tried both the Developer and Custom A320NX mods. Both have the problem. I have not tried other aircraft and thus am not sure if this is happening beyond the neo. Is anyone else experiencing this problem in the NX and/or other aircraft?

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TBH I’m not sure how it is supposed to work compared to RL, I use the FBW mod too so this is perhaps something to check out with those guys perhaps. I too, recall that as the MCDU was populated with the plan, going to RAD/NAV would find the station code and frequency all sorted out.

I’ve not looked into it a great deal to see if that behaviour is different depending on plan import using the MCDU Simbrief tie-in vs using the plain old sim load plan option.

As you might have found already, if you just refer to your charts and put the correct ILS frequency in, it accepts that and also appends the station code automatically.

Afterthought…have you tried the different FBW model options i.e. stable vs def? It wouldn’t surprise if they behave differently perhaps…

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