A320NX strange issue (hacking?)


I had a very strange problem with the a320nx dev version.
During my flight, all the cockpit buttons disappeared (no more textures) and two 3d characters appeared on the seats …
I no longer had control of the plane.
it lasted a few minutes and then everything returned to normal.
have you ever seen this?

Thank you.

It’s not hacking. This can happen when you switch from exterior back to interior view.
When you switch to exterior view, the sim stops rendering the full interior cockpit, and instead renders the cockpit in low-poly detail. When you switch back to the interior view, the sim should use the high-poly detailed cockpit model.

When this happens, it’s because the sim didn’t load the “interior model” in time, and got stuck with exterior model instead. Usually switching it back out and back in will fix it, or as you said just wait.

Sounds as if the third-person aircraft model isn’t switching back to the higher detail interior view. I’ve had it happen before and it usually fixes itself after a minute. Nobody is hacking you.

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Ok, I prefer that…
Thank you for the explanations!

why since from new patch panels many air-planes not good