A32NX - After landing plane comes to a complete halt on runway

Hello All,

Not sure why but the A32NX has become buggy all of a sudden (for me).

Among others, when I land the plane comes to a complete halt on the runway. This happens after reverse, braking etc. but somehow it doesn’t keep rolling despite the fact that it still should be moving down the runway since it still has momentum from landing.

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks.



What build are you using? Do you have any aids turned on or auto brakes enabled?

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As far as I know you have to brake manually once after a while in order to disable the auto-brakes.


It done it to me last night I had to engage autopilot it then started to move then disengaged it and took over manually. This morning I’ve had no problems with it

Sounds like a bad install. Autopilot will have no impact or connection to braking on the ground. The only thing with braking would be the auto brake system as mentioned previously.

I’d start by installing / re-installing the development version.

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Thank you for the replies.

Auto-brakes are enabled and using development version.

I will keep trying…


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You need to either turn off the autobrake, or manually brake as the airplane gets to a lower speed.
If not, the system, as in the real plane, is designed to bring the airplane to a stop.


Yes, you must manually brake, but attention, you must do it long time enough (about 3-4 sec) in order the autobrake to turn off ! You can check it on the autobrake button. It must lit off.

Turn off auto brake during roll out or tap foot brakes during roll out. Both do the same function of turning off auto brake.

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