A32NX call button

Hi flyers, i don’t know weather i am missing something or what but in the airbus a32nx i watched a few youtube videos of people flying it and they had the call button working but when i hit it nothing comes out u just here the chime am i missing an addon or what any help is appreciated :+1:t3::+1:t3:

You can only hear them at the right phases in the flight. So when you call the cabin chime button for ALL on the ground while taxiing before take off. Pressing it will make the ‘Cabin crew take off positions’ sound. When you’re in the air on APPR phase, pressing the button for ALL again will make the ‘Cabin crew, seats for landing please’ sound.

At any other point in the flight, pressing it will just ding and not say anything. So you need to press it at the right time to be able to hear it. And it will only say it once. Once it’s said, pressing the buttons again will just have it Ding.

You’ll know this would work when you look at your ECAM messages before take off or landing, there’s Cabin…Ready in blue. This is where you have to press the calls button to say the speech. Once that’s done, your ECAM will show Cabin Ready in green.

If you’re on the right phase and pressing the ding won’t work, press it again and it usually works the second time.

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Thank u :slight_smile: