A32NX engines won’t go above 25% N2

When I use The A32nx I noticed that my engines won’t start fully they will only go to 25% n2 and when I turn off the apu they turn off does anyone know how to fix that I’ve been flying the a32nx for a little bit Andy I’ve never experienced that problem. Thank you.

Sounds like you have the starter switch to ign/start, but never turn the masters to the on position… image

Remember to only do them 1 at a time.

That’s the strange thing cause I put it to ign/start then master swich but still nothing!

Were the fuel pumps on? Was APU bleed turned on? Can you try turning the air conditioning packs off during engine start?

That’s exactly what happens when I forget to turn the fuel pumps on, on the overhead panel :wink:

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Yeah I figured that out thanks