A32NX Experimental Ver AP V/S Issues

Is anyone else having an issue with the vertical speed in this version? It will not let me adjust the range of decent or climb at all. I’m going to try other versions today but yesterday it seems the altitude in both flight level change and vertical speed has had a mind of its own.

Is this in managed mode or open climb/descent mode?

Open climb/decent, but also flight level change seems to be giving problems descending way too shallow 1300-1500 fpm. I am a PMDG Boeing pilot so it could be my lack of Airbus knowledge as well. But definitely the v/s adjustment knob was not functioning at all.

Which version of the A32NX? You say “Master ver” in the title but that doesn’t mean anything since there is no “master version”.

How did you install it?

Master is custom version. Straight from the installer. Look in the notepad inside the folder

There is no custom version. The installer has Stable, Development and Experimental. It sounds like you may have downloaded directly from the GitHub master branch?

Depends on the IAS. At ~250kts -1500ft/min is realistic.

No, fbw installer. They just updated it to experimental version, was called custom

I see. So you have the experimental version. Well, you know that that version can have problems, right? Having weird behavior in the experimental version is not a bug. You’ll have to wait until they update it; or you can use the development or stable versions.

P.S. To avoid confusion, would you mind changing the title of this thread to say “experimental” version instead of “master” version?

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OP CLB/DES and V/S work better on experimental.

What does the FMA show (all columns) and how was the aircraft configured?