A32nx falling out of the sky after sim update 2

Hi, I know that FS updates break the a32nx mod. When I take off in the a32nx, the plane just starts dipping down and I can’t stop it so it crashes. Just wondering if anyone else has the same issue. Thanks

Well, have you updated the mod?

nope no issues at all

Yes this happed to me as well with most current version of mod at the time. You’re not alone.

I’ve updated the mod again and it seems to work. However, (this is for both default a320 and a32nx) the plane always turns to the right slightly during takeoff.

Same Issue here, had it twice, the last try was ok with latest dev Version… Keep testing.

Doing a flight now with 0.5.1 and all seems well except the plane is rocking back n forth again, not as severe as before but it’s definitely back. Turning off sec1 helps. We keep winding up with the same issues after each update

Same issue 3 consecutive flights with last dev and stab. 0.5.1 version. I ,ve report to FBW fórum. More people have this issue. Definitively is a bug.

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Same here at high altitudes the a320nx latest patch starts rocking not a great deal but that’s not normal I also had other issues with the sim as a whole not everything downloaded correctly in the sim 2 update. Before the update my sim was at a great level. So I decided to back everything up and redownload the whole thing let’s see.

FBW team are working on a Fix.