A32NX FBW Mod Issues After Update

I finally got around to updating the sim today after the latest patch. I delete my previous FBW mod and reinstall it after the update completes installation. As of right now I have the latest dev. Version installed. I’ve always used the dev. Version of the mod and it was running flawlessly until today’s update, unfortunately.

  1. Noticeable FPS downgrade. One of my main issues with the mod way back was the FPS loss and microstutters. It seemed to have gotten fixed because it was running butter smooth for a while lately, which is great for me considering my PC is lower spec. Two days ago I did a flight from KMCO-KLAS and no FPS issues. I just try it earlier after the update and I experience noticeable microstutters and spikes. It’s definitely not as smooth as it was 2 days ago and I literally have everything the same from that flight.

  2. Master caution light can’t be disabled. I got a master caution when starting engine 2 and couldn’t disable/acknowledge it. Is this a bug, because I could always acknowledge it in the past.

  3. Lastly, my flight veered off course as soon as I engaged AP. My preference when flying is to climb all the way to cruise and then set the AP. Yes, I know this isn’t realistic, but it’s the way I’ve always flown and it’s my personal preference so don’t hate. When I reached FL340, I set the AP and immediately the aircraft banked hard right and veered off course. Eventually, it flew level again, but continued flying off course. I never had this issue before either, even two days ago when I flew the same exact route. Also, before you ask, yes I checked all of my deadzones and nothing had been changed.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues with the FBW mod post-update today? Could it be that the dev. Version is still being ironed out per usual after every update? I’m just upset and frustrated because every update causes new bugs and affects the performance and now my flight is on hold until something gets fixed.

Can confirm issue 2 and 3. Reporting here is of little use. Submit reports on Github here:

You will need an account which is free to set up.