A32NX flight path question

I have very little experience with a320 navigation and i recently moved to FBW experimental. Can somebody explain why does many of the approaches and SIDs now contain these weird flight path sections with inverted turns etc. Is it supposed to be like that? My guess that it is related to the custom lnav, since when i was on the dev version, this wasnt a thing and when i selected an approach, the flight path on the ND matched the path in the VFR map of the MSFS.

Several leg types are not supported yet. We’re still in the process of improving the fpm. Besides that, what you see here could also be just a draw/rendering issue of the ND (which is WIP also). When you get closer to your approach, it will show better.

Yes I use the A32nx Exp build… Don’t worry about this too much, keep an eye on it but dont stress about it. The closer you get to the destination the better it draws. Also make sure you have removed any “Flight Discontinuity” from the plan in the MCDU as I have seen these make this worse.