A32NX: Flight plan scrambled when entering approach/star

Hi there,

I’m trying to master the A32NX MCDU with navigraph and simbrief. But I find it hard to make manual changes to the plan. Sometimes even something simple as choosing a landing runway i.c.w. a transition or a star, makes al kind of weird loops which I have to sort out.

For example, EHAM to EGGW:

When I now try to enter (at cruise) the runway, transition and the star rini1n, i get the entire star 2 times. That creates all kind of weird loops. Manually deleting everything and re-enter it works, is this how its supposed to work?

Now flying to copenhagen, again from amsterdam, and when entering the runway/approach (without the star because it was already there in the route) it got all twisty and turny on me again. Looping back almost to the end of the sid. Needed to enter the last approach waypoints manually to get it working. When I enter the entire flight plan manually from the beginning it seems to work fine.

It should be possible to add a definitive star, transition and approach quickly right? What am I doing wrong?

I also find it very hard to see what is happening with just the FMC and the nav display (set to pln)

Could you guys give me some tips/pointers? Watching a ton of youtube tutorial already but I don’t seem to discover what I’m doing wrong.