A32NX FlyByWire anti-ice

When I takeoff, my wings and engine are frozen, although I set ANTI ICE on.
How can I fix it?

Get out of icing conditions. The anti/de-icing for the wings and engines are just for the leading edge of the wings and nacelle. As you can see in your screenshot, they are ice-free. The rest of that is just overdone unrealistic visual eye candy that shouldn’t affect the flight characteristics.

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That’s normal behaviour sadly; it’s something Asobo should address.

If you hadn’t had anti ice working on that flight, you’d notice the aircraft start to lose altitude very quickly. Once again, it’s too overdone by Asobo.


oh ok then this is indeed a very overdone unrealistic visual eye candy.
thank you!


Off topic, but how on earth did you get those wingviews???

these are custom camera views, someone has share us his settings: