A32NX FlyByWire v3.0 Huge Update Released

Not working for me , i powered up the batteries and the ext.power nothing is happening
Downloaded and reinstalled it three times and tried 3 different locations
Also tried the standard asobo airbus same problem

Solved for now: resarted my computer picked an airport on a different continent now it is working ???


ECAM on my second monitor after update looks terrible and has blue background. Only, if I put ECAM on second monitor. With version 0.02 it looks good.

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That’s a feature. The background light on these displays can totally look this way on the real A320.
Dialing display brightness down might help.


Amazing stuff, love it!


Seeing the updates that FlyByWire makes to the A320, I’m excited to see if other payware companies will make a A320N for MSFS, and how they will justify a pricetag like we’re used to see from ie. FSlabs. It’s amazing to see how enthusiasts manage to make improvements to default aircrafts which puts them on par and even beyond payware addons. And also exciting to see GA planes are getting improvements. What a greeat hobby we have :slight_smile:

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Just had my first complete shutdown on my approach to Berlin. Does anybody know if that is a core bug, or related to the mod?

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que risque t’on!Si cela va pas on enleve!En tous les cas bravo aux doués de l’informatique et des vols

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Did you already, have v0.3 installed? Multiplayer aircraft enabled? Generic models active or not?
In any case, I would assume such effects still be resulting from bugs in the last MSFS patch. All kinds of weird buttons/dials/screen blackouts seem to happen. Not sure if the v0.3 update fixes (or works around) them all.

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V 0.3 installed
Multiplayer aircraft disabled (I think)
Live Weather and Live Traffic enabled.
Not sure about Generic Models, I think that’s off.

I will have to check next time I fire it up, but probably safe to assume it’s core bugs from the last patch. Anyway, made for an interesting crash in the forrest a few miles from the airport :slight_smile:

I really want to try this but my addons are not loading into the sim. I can see them in content manager, but when going to the aircraft selection page I cannot find it… Any ideas?

This addon modifies the A320 already in game. So it wont appear as a new aircraft.

Turn generic models on and your systems won’t shutdown then

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+1 this thread.

I’ll try that. Thanks for the tip.

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hello everyone i would like to try the Fly By Wire A20NX i install it into my community folder and start MSFS but the aircraft is not there, i have the steam edition and guidance would be great, Thank you

What a great job the FlyByWire mod team has done!

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Guys remember, copy only the A32X folder into Communitty folder. Not the whole flybywire folder, some confusion may happen when downloading from Github. Also, delete the old folder.




I tried, but it doesnt work. I think, it has nothing to do with the brightness knob. I only have this, when I put ecam on second monitor. Ecam in the VC of the A320 looks good.

Very nice update. Airbus is getting more and more flyable because of the MOD. keep up the good work!

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