A32NX FMC blank?

Now what did they do? Ever since I installed the update, I can NO LONGER program the FMS in the A32NX. First flight loaded the departure and arrival airports in the menu, but SIDS and STARS, along with airways and waypoints, have mysteriously disappeared! Exited the sim, removed the latest AIRAC file, reinstalled, and now I can’t even enter the destination/arrival airport. The display remains blanked out…

Getting fed up with this nonsense…

Anyone else noticing some strange behaviour with their aircraft since the update?

are you sure the FBW has been updated (not likely) to ensure it works with the new SU9? Not exactly surprising if something broke.

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If it’s the stable version you are using they just announced a forthcoming release/fix for SU9. (V0.7.5.). V0.7.4 has some issue. The dev version is apparently OK to use, or just hang on for v0.7.5. If you use their installer it has v0.7.5 showing but not installable yet.

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Thanks, everyone. I was starting to worry that I was looking at a complete re-install… I shall keep my fingers crossed…

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Why did you have this reaction? This kind of thing always happens after a game update. You should expect existing addons to be broken after a game update until they are updated.

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V0.7.5 is now out believe it or not. Just go to installer. Very efficient service from FBW!

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FBW’s Dev and Experiemental mods work perfectly in SU9 for me.

Yes they said those versions were fine it was just the stable one that had issues. I use the stable one though. Latest release is now out though. Uber fast update from FBW.


I’m still stuck in my FS9 mindset… :rofl:

I see the frustration…but is this kind of reaction and language appropriate?

From my point of view it is not.

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it must be a general error the MCDU does not even load the flight plan

Did you press the INIT Request button?