A32nx Fuel massive 'underburn'

Is it for me or for everyone, that the A32nx(v 0.5.2) under burns fuel by almost half, when checked with the Simbrief fuel burn pattern…?

Due to this I always land heavier, than calculated weight pre-flight. Am i doing anything wrong.? Looking at other fuel burn related posts in the community, I could see that some are over burning the fuel.

ps: I use the A32NX performance profile for simbrief, given in the Github page by Fbw team themselves and load the fuel through AOC menu.

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We are aware of wrong consumption rates and are working on it. Anyway, I’m not sure if Simbrief uses a NEO performance (I don’t use Simbrief). It could be a CEO (older A320). The NEO burnes much less fuel than older types.

But not half of it, that’s wrong.

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Please note that SIMBRIEF only contains the A320-200 which burns significantly more fuel than the A320Neo in the game which flies more fuel-efficiently


There already is an A320neo profile for Simbrief, however it needs to be downloaded seperately. It can be found at the github page of the A32NX.


there is a all new Engine-model in development! We can expect real fuel burn in the future!


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