A32NX in Sim Update 6 is invisible

I’ve deleted all my files in the community folder and use the A32NX installer and have tried installing the stable, development and experimental v0.7.2 but the aircraft is invisible when I pop up on the runway.

If you are on PC uninstall the default A320 and download from the FBW site. If you are on Xbox it is not supported so uninstall it anyway.
If not that you don’t put the FBW or any installer in the Community folder but instead you must first extract downloads to a temporary folder and then read the text files for further instructions. A further tip is never delete mods that use an installer, they must be uninstalled properly via the Windows apps menu.

This is not required as the default A320 and the FBW aircraft can work simultaneously when both are installed. In fact, if you want A320 as an air traffic you HAVE to install the default A320.

This is especially true if you want your airports to look like this:

@ronsinda, what you need to do is to check on our Content Manager. If you previously claimed the FBW A32NX aircraft content from the marketplace, you need to manually delete the addon using the in-game content manager. The addons purchased/claimed from the marketplace are not located on the community folder. So even if you cleared all the FBW folders in the community folder, chances are you still have the marketplace version sitting in the official folder. Deleting it manually from the official folder won’t work as well because the sim will just detect that you have a missing package and redownload it automatically the next time you start MSFS.

So you need to go to your content manager inside the sim, search for the FBW A32NX addon, select it and press the Delete button. This will remove the addons from your PC the correct way, so you’re free to reinstall the A32NX using the FBW installer into the community folder.