A32NX Late ILS Change Issue

Flying the A32NX development mod into MIA on VATSIM. Programmed the SSCOT5 STAR with the ILS to 8R initially knowing the approach could change. When switched to the approach controller after completing the STAR, I was issued the ILS 9 instead and issued straight to the IAF. Like usual when I load the approach into the MCDU it also requires me to enter a STAR to fly which then subsequently causes my aircraft to turn to the first fix on the STAR and start that procedure over.

Is there a way to bypass this and just enter a different approach at this late stage of the flight with no star? I know it isn’t a huge deal and I can just plug in direct to the IAF again I just want to see if I can avoid this.


This is the same issue.

This is a bug in the default Asobo flight plan manager - the team are working on a customFPM which fixes all these bugs and adds much better navigation - for now the workaround is to use DIRECT to the next waypoint again or selected heading. If you can, always enter your expected approach in the MCDU before departing. If this doesn’t need to be changed, this will skip the turnaround bug on approach. This issue and others like it will be resolved in the upcoming custom Flight Management System (cFMS) which is available in our unsupported Experimental Version.