A32NX mod issues?

The latest A32NX mod seems to be quite weird now.
Actually, I m not sure if this is the mod problem or default aircraft problem.

The drag is way too high and the plane can’t produce enough lift when landing. You have to get at least 145-150kts for the plane to be controllable, once you get slower than 140kts, the plane will fall like a brick even if you use full flaps. This problem disappeared when I switch back to the default A320…

Autothrottle doesn’t work everytime. I have to switch it on and off sometimes, which is pretty annoying.

Sometimes, the wing will try to dip to one side when flaring which is quite common when i try to do a full hand fly approach. Doing an ILS approach will have less chance encountering this problem.

Overall, performaning a good smooth landing in this sim is pretty difficult right now. I am not new to flight sim and I have played X-plane for quite some time. I am able to do a decent landing in X plane but after two months of buying this game. I still can’t perform a good hand fly approach very often. Autopilot is buggy at this stage and all those little bugs really impact my overall experience in this game.

Anyone has the same problem?


At least you can fly the A320. I can’t even switch it on, battery switches doesn’t work, not even when I switch on the ground power as well. Plane just stays dark… Does the same with default aircraft


I can’t say I’ve had the same issues, but bringing this up on the project GitHub is probably an easier way to highlight an issue to the code contributors.

if you have an issue with the mod then best way to get help is on there discord not here

Restart the flight, might have to restart several times

No problem on my end works great, landing well. Did you download the master zip? Thats what I use

Can you confirm the working version of FBW you have is 0.3.1? I have this but TO and landing related problems are there on my end…

This has been a problem with the default A320 aircraft from day one and doesn’t seem to change when the mod is added.

Cannot pull up anymore, when below 150 kts. :frowning:

Have you tried removing some fuel? The managed speed should be higher then.

Increase throttle, if was at 140 kts and wouldn’t pull up until I increased speed to 155, landed safely but that was close

I have the latest version

Baterys work if you put Ground AI aircraft to 0 … i had that problem too bro. Just put the Ground AI aircraft to 0 and you wont have any problems with bat 1 and 2

2 things to try that have resolved this for others:

Set your axis deadzones to at least 5%

Go into settings and change the flightmodel to legacy, save. And then back to modern and save.

It seems for some people settings are being finicky and not displaying what they are actually set on even if they never touched that setting.

I use NX mod and depending on weight I get a steady approach speed of 132 to 145. Control is a bit spongey at those speeds but not completely uncontrollable.

I appreciate the amount of work that has gone into the mod version and suspect that issues flow from the sim itself.

However I have to report issues today with the batteries not turning on from cold and dark and even when I did finally manage to start after reloading, avionics screens then went off and would not turn back on. Generic aircraft set to on.

I was able to relaunch and fly from a runway spawn subsequently, but did experience slow descent issues in managed mode.

I have experienced on every landing the sink rate warning although the plane appears to be descending stable!

The mod has a lot of bugs but the team is very efficient at squashing them. Please report here: https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/issues

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Just crashed while attempting to land below 150 knots. Couldn’t pull up.

Can you send me the link for the latest version?