A32nx new issues

I didn’t try to climb to anything. This started on it’s own? When I finish the current flight I will get those file. This happened with no interaction from me. I wouldn’t take a bus above FL390 unless its a 350/380

Everything was going fine, then it did that. Will the files from the last flight be there? Many thanks

As I said my Flight plan was filed for FL350, why would I try and climb higher? Look at the 2 shots I posted! FL350 on the MCP and in the MCDU. It for whatever reason decided that it wanted to climb to FL410 I had no control over that as explained.

I can see how you would have been quite surprised by the airplane suddenly climbing by itself. How did you know it was climbing to FL410? Or was it just climbing and you inferred it was trying to climb to 410?

The airplane may climb and descent a bit around the selected altitude in order to hold the correct speed within a certain tolerance. But it sounds like this is not your issue.

It is possible that you got hit by a sudden weather shift (i.e., temperature shift) causing the Mach number to increase into the overspeed region and kicking in the airplane’s high speed protection system. There have been numerous issues reported with MSFS and REX weather shifts. This would cause the airplane to pitch up and climb.

Depending on your response to that situation, the autopilot may disconnect, and you may make the situation worse, or correct too much and get into a high aoa/low speed protection situation.

Si I was flying along just fine. Then the power dropped slightly, so no knee jerk reactions, I am at FL350 I have plenty of alt to gain speed. I checked the engines, could see they were now increasing thrust up to about 90% the plane then levelled off at 35,200 ok so usually the AP just brings you back down the excess 200ft… you are correct wind does this…

However there was a sudden drop again, a massive nose high pitch, but a 2500ft climb rate, at this point i tried to intervene:
AP off nose forward, no auto trim now, as soon i removed pressure, nose back up like the elevators were stuck or something. the plane then hit fl410 and kind of just stayed there happily at what I would assume Alpha protection pitched up at about 18+ degrees and just flying along, At that point I could do nothing, I was no longer able to interact with the plane.

I just did the whole flight again and it was fine.

I hope you were able to find the FDR file for that flight and send it to Aguther. It is too difficult from your description to speculate on what may have caused the upset. You say the power dropped and that you needed to gain speed, but then go on to say that the plane leveled off at 35,200 feet. This sounds like the speed was too high, and the airplane climbed slightly to try to offset the speed.

Then you say there was a sudden drop again. I’m assuming you are referring to N1, rather than speed or altitude. The reduction in N1, followed by a pitch up sounds like the high speed protection kicking in after an overspeed situation. I still think this is consistent with a temperature anomaly introduced by live weather system bugs. But without the FDR, that is simply speculation.

FYI, the airplane will continue to try to correct the overspeed situation by a pitch-up command until that situation is rectified. It doesn’t matter whether the autopilot is on or off. In fact, it will disconnect the autopilot at MMO + 0.04 (or VMO +15).

Glad you were able to re-do the flight with no problem.

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Q: How do we report bugs?

A: You can report bugs to us via the #support channel in the Discord server. Addtionally, you can start/create a GitHub issue (please make sure your issue doesn’t already exist).


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Just one minor note. In case of AP engaged, the overspeed protection (HSP) engages a bit differently than in manual flight:

The lovely thing about forums is they’re a place to discuss things.

Just to be clear to all… I did not change speed, change ALT nothing, Everything was fine. The MCP the MCDU was all ok. I changed nothing, I have seen the weather in MSFS push the plane up and down in a few instances +/- 1000’s of feet, this can happen in real life if you hit bad turbulence or a Clear Air Burst.

This behaviour I saw was all un-commanded. I dont get why ppl assume when ppl have issues its always their fault. I repeated the flight again and it was fine.

No Disrespect but I use Toliss and Flight factor add-ons which are way more complex “AT THE MOMENT” and dont have all the issues the base sim in MSFS has" AT THE MOMENT" so I know how an A319-A321 Neo/CEO/PW-JM/IAE etc should work as best as a non ATP Pilot could or should.

The plane behaved perfectly untill this point, at which point I HAD NO CONTROL over it. it was stuck in its perpetual high AOA and I guess at low speed protection… That’s it, no interaction from me.

The reason why I am asking is because:

  1. The mod has been amazing up till now, never had an issues beyond the usual sim related issues.
  2. Over the last 3 flights the plane has been behaving as if it was like 6 months ago, I am not complaining, I am not moaning I am just asking because well…I dont know.

Yeah, please also understand that it’s hard to help you as long as I don’t get more information. Now you give me the info it was in high AoA protection…

Over time there have been systems added like high AoA and they are of course depending on what the sim is doing. So it’s also not under our control alone. Maybe you got icing? Who knows…it’s just guesses up to now.

I invite you to send me the FDR files as a link via private message from those flights and I can take a look into around 400 parameters of that flight like environment conditions but also which mode the AP was and what the plane was doing then. Those files contain no personal information at all, only flight data from the sim. The tool to convert it is also in the A32NX repo (src/fdr2csv).

If you don’t want this please make a video or at least screenshots the next time it happens, this helps a lot understanding what is happening.

Where can I find these files and I will send them to you. I am not complaining by the way. It is my intention that as soon as I can use your custom LNAV I think I will be saying good bye to Xplane. Airbus is my favourite plane, I have nothing but love and respect for you guys and your amazing addon.

I really want this plane to succeed that’s all, as I am sure you guys do as you all put your hearts and souls into it.

Read carefully, please.

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What, the original post or your latest information?

Anyway, great thread, really interested on how this progresses!

See here:
Autopilot / Fly-By-Wire - FlyByWire Simulations Guides

If you need a file transfer, i.e. you can something like this:
SwissTransfer.com - Send large files securely and free of charge

Just give you an idea how this will look like (from a different flight):

I have sent you the files. Many thanks.

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I have observed bizarre behavior of throttle in most recent build (5f697b1). Despite of not changing anything in my throttle sensitivities and calibrations, idle setting enables the reverses.

Smallest increase of throttle results in reaching the 60% of power.

Furthermore I am unable to select the “Speed” & “Climb” modes.
Has anyone observed such issues as well? I am not sure if that is a bug or something on my side.

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Check your throttle calibration in the EFB again. Maybe it changed somehow.

It looks very same - I will try reinstalling the addon.

EDIT: After re-installation everything works as expected.

Just to let you all know AGuther has very kindly done his analysis.

I dont think it is the mod, but Aguther will explain, so my apologies for blaming the mod.

I will leave it to AGuther to update you all.
Many thanks.

I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t experienced the altitude abnormalities, but I have had the plane try to point directly at the airport, pretty much when flying through every single intersection that made up the approach, which was ILS 7 into KDEN.

Here is the analysis I created for @SuperSixBravo. It’s unclear to me what happened, I think it’s a sim issue. The hardware spec is quite good, so I think we can rule that out. It’s quite strange to be honest.

Flight 1



Pitch & Roll axis




We see that on time 2856.54 the high angle of attack protection was activated and the AP was disconnected. The alpha floor value was exceeded, but alpha floor is inhibited above M0.6 so it was not activated.

More detailed view:

Performance View


It seems that for us unknown reasons your sim got into severe performance issues that produced large delta times (between 3 and 16 seconds). I have observed myself that with such pauses (also when they are much much smaller) the acceleration goes crazy. This can also be observed if one moves the pop-up displays around too long.

So it’s a good question why you had this happening out of a sudden. Maybe it needed to load something or intermittent slow internet connection? I have no idea to be honest.

It seems you never exited this mode after it happened. When you want to exit this protection mode, you need to apply stick forward, here from the FCOM:

If we look at flight number 2, you also see spikes but it seems it was not going that bad for the sim data:

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