A32NX nose down 20ft before landing

OK so I have an issue when a try to land with the a320 with fbw mod installed. When I land, about 20 ft before the landing, the nose of the aircraft nose down and I have to pull back more on the joystick. I can’t make a good landing… Maybe it’s my joystick sensitivity but it’s really strange because with others aircraft a don’t have the issue…


You are not the only one this happens to. Of course, check the sensitivity of the joystick, but the same thing happens to me and my friends from the virtual airline. Hopefully they will solve it. Meanwhile, please be patient and enjoy. There is still a lot to improve this simulator, but they are doing very well. Greetings and good flights. Juankeiko :wink: :+1:t2:

Are you on Autopilot when that happens?
I find that the nose will dive if you approach with autopilot and LOC and G/S mode active while autopilot is kept on until landing.

I would disengage the AP at the 100 callout and pepare to flare the aircraft to hold it at 3 degrees up pitch before touchdown. Something like this.

@Juankeiko, @Tyg7072

That’s the flare mode which pushes the nose down.

It’s presently way too strong in the MSFS A320.

IRL it feels very natural and there’s no marked pitch change you need to ‘fight’.

Hi there.
Something that I usually practice and a lot with the simulator is working with the ILS. Once the LOC is activated, when it changes from blue to green, I activate the APP, then I deactivate it and go manual for the last 12 NM. Good flights

What mod do you use which popped out after TD ?


That us called “Gees”. You can dl it here: https://github.com/scelts/gees

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i disengage the ap at like 100 ft like you but i have the bug. nevermind i hope it will be fixed !