A32NX problems

I have installed “Fly by wire” both the A32NX- Downloader, and have executed it, as well as the A32NX-Master both inside the community-folder, and it runs fine except the windshield wiper which I cant get off/Cant control. The switch is not active. Can anyone help me out. THX guys /regards Milo

Try asking on the FBW Discord server.

If you have a co-pilot, remove them.

Thx I´l try that

Okay try that i the first place THX

Do not know if it makes sense to kick out the co-pilot…but it did the trick :laughing: :wink:thx

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I’m imagining you were like, “wiper off” then the copilot give you give you this stern look, and the turn the wiper back on. Then you got confused why it’s not off. and you click it again to turn it off. And the copilot get angrier and angrier with you wondering why you keep turning off the wiper while he needs it on. And switches back on again. All of this were happening without a single word being said… Just two people fighting over the control of the wiper.


:joy: :joy:Yah! something like that :+1:t2: