A32NX Simbrief loading problem

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the loading of my simbrief flights.

When I ask the MCDU to load my simbrief flight plan (without going through the original flight editor) requested in (INIT DATA REQ) the flight plan does not fully load.

In F-PLN I only have the departure and arrival airports but nothing between (SID - EN ROUTE - STAR).

I have correctly entered my ID in the EFB as advised.

In addition, when I want to select the start information, no SID at LFPG, (only the runway are present in choice) for the LFBO arrival, no choice of runway or star.

I do not know what to do anymore ! Community folder empty, A23NX up to date, re-installation of mfs also done, but nothing.

I took a good look at the suggested resources in the forum, but it didn’t work for me!

Thank you in advance for your answers!
Good flights

(Sorry for my poor English)

Did you enter your username in the FMC too?

it was a while that I did not use the fbw and today the same thing happened to me too.

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Nav data in the sim not being found? If you’re a Navigraph user maybe you need to reinstall the Airac data again?

I think pilot ID is all you need. I haven’t had to enter my username.

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I bet your flying the development plane, dump it for the standard - it will work then.

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doesnt fbw install to the community folder? (you said your community folder is empty… did you download the fbw from the marketplace? (that one isnt supprted anymore.)

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Are you having this problem at multiple airports?
I just ran into the same and found out that for example EDDP is bugged, and no
STARs are found for this airport inside the FBW MCDU or the orginal flight planer, but in little navmap there are stars for EDDP shown. Im not using Navigraph btw.

I will try to re-install the airacs to see !

Yes indeed, but I read everywhere that you have to use the development version

Yes, fbw is installed in the community folder. download from the installer, not the marketplace

Thank you, you found the solution, my airac had a problem! Updated with navigraph and everything works again! Thank you