A32NX STAR waypoints inserted in wrong sequence

During flight I added my STAR for in this case BIKF.
The waypoints for the STAR (DEVUD,KF301…) are wrongly inserted after the destination waypoint and the current waypoint was lost.

1 So in this case I need to remove the Waypoints DEVUD(first one) + BIKF. How do I do that. CLR button for each one or?? I’m unsure if I even CAN remove the destination waypoint BIKF
2 When the STAR was inserted the current waypoint was lost so that the aircraft suddenly started turning back for a previous one.

I assumed I could add some images from the FMC otherwise it would be impossible to understand, how can I do that?


I think we might need a bit more information on this. How do you enter the flight plan in the first place?
Do you use Simbrief integration, or the MSFS default world map flight plan, or manually inserting the waypoints one by one?

1 In the world map I just enter the starting airport and gate
2 From the AOC I use init Req (SimBrief FPL) and later also in the Init menu, everything is fine here. The flightplan is complete
3 I then load the SID and start the flight, all waypoints in place, no remarks.
4 During flight I add the STAR
Before loading it the fpl looks like:

After loading the STAR it looks like


The STAR is added in the end. DEVUD is the entry for the STAR and in reality you usually have to clean up so that the extra entry waypoint DEVUD must be removed by a CLR. In this case also BIKF is there, I guess it shouldn’t, it should remain as the last one.

And as mentioned earlier my current WP close to the departure airport is suddenly not followed or being shifted when adding the STAR and the current WP becomes the previous one making the plane turning back. I then have to go to the DIR and bring back the correct WP as the current one.

I removed both DEVUD and BIKF and had the FPL look like

My gut feeling is that there is something weird with the handling of WP’s as I also suddenly loose my current WP during the STAR , and with no prior intervention from my side. I’ll have to use the DIR again. From what I understand this is an old issue.

Another thing that would be nice is: If there is flightplan (FPL) created in the World Map, even if it only contains a start+dest airport, should not block a simbrief FPL to be loaded. It currently does. It should be replaced. To have a SimBried fpl to be loadable you MUST only define a dep. airport.
The drawback here is that the “Pause at TOD” tool from Lorby Time machine will not work as it needs a MSFS FPL.

And BTW what function has the “link MCDU” button in the flypad?

You can export the flightplan in msfs format from simbrief and load it at the world map, but then follow your simbrief import in the FMS as usual. It doesn’t matter if you fly the plan that the world map shows, as long as MSFS has the destination, Time Machine will work.

It would be cool if Lorby allowed us to just enter destination airport in Time Machine to get around this issue.

Okay, I’m just wondering why do you need to load the SID and STAR in the MCDU after you import the SimBrief flight plan? Usually the SID and STAR is automatically loaded from SimBrief already.

The only problem with this is that you cannot assign the destination gate into your flight plan, SimBrief import will always override that, This is the reason why I always just use the flight plan from the World Map, because I can set a gate-to-gate flight plan, and SimBrief flight plans are only for my complimentary addons, like integration to Volanta, Pacx, and the EFB. But I’m not using the simbrief flight plan itself, until it can allow us to make a gate-to-gate route.

Because I prefer not to include the SID/STARS in the simbrief flightplan or in the MSFS. I prefer to do it in the plane as changes in the weather or traffic can change runway. That goes with assigning a gate ad the destination airport as well.

Ahh okay, I set my SID and STAR once I can make sure what the weather is on both airports, so I don’t have to change. I don’t think a wind direction could change 180 degrees which makes a change in runway direction within 5 minutes of reading the weather report versus when I start my flight.

I set my destination gate at the start was because the default ATC will always bring my A320 to park at an obscure corner of the airport. It’s also a way for me to be able to park at the appropriate gate based on which livery I’m flying to. Something that the ATC can’t detect and assign the right gate for you yet.

Well I can see that is reason, really!

No but at many airports there are runways like 26 and also a 27 and maybe a 20 so it doesn’t need to change 180 degrees.

Thanks for your suggestion
1 I’m now creating a fpl in siembrief with no SID STARS and also exports it.
2 I begin the flight by loading that fpl in worldmap, only adding the start gate.
3 I load the siembrief plan in the Flypad
4 I make a init data request in the MCD Menu → ATSU → INIT/PRES
5 In the Init menu there is no INIT REQ choice as there already is a MSFS fpl loaded
6 I’ll add the SID before T/O
7 During flight I’ll add my STAR

Lorby Time machine works and also the ATC is aware of my cruise altitude which is not the case only using SimBrief.

Still the problems with waypoints remains. At least when adding the STAR, then the current WP changes and the previous one becomes the current making the aircraft turning back until is corrected by using the DIRect command.

Nice, you got Time Machine working!

The turn-around bug is a known quirk with the asobo flight plan manager. FBW are working on a custom flight plan manager which should eliminate the turn-around issue.

Working Title have made their own flight plan manager for the WT CJ4, and it doesn’t have this problem, so it is possible to correct this behavior.

Sorry to say but during the STAR the A/P looses the current WP and you have to run for the DIR command in order to keep flying the STAR.

A bit of too many bugs here in my taste.

That happens sometimes but not always. But they tend to happen on a specific STAR to a specific airports though. I can always replicate the issue when I’m approaching the same airport in the same STAR. But testing it on another airport that doesn’t have the issue will never have the problem.

But I went through enough to them to develop muscle memory, as soon as it happens, my hands went straight to the selected heading mode and trace the original path. Think of it as less of a bug, and more of an “instrument failure” that you have to make a decision to rectify.

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This will happen when you select the STAR after you passed the first waypoint of the STAR.
So its good to enter the STAR before you reach the initial fix.

Another way is to reenter the Dep/Arr. airports then select the runway and STAR works for me.

you may want to wait for the custom LNAV/VNAV from FBW. They teased it 2 months ago, not sure when it’s coming out.
The default flightplanning is just ■■■■. And does whatever it wants to do, and never what you want.

No it happens even though you’re adding the STAR long before the approach and the fix.
“the current waypoint was lost so that the aircraft suddenly started turning back for a previous one.” refers to a waypoint on the route, not those in the STAR. But it’s affected by adding a STAR.

Also yesterday I noted that the nav/waypoints display freezed. This caused a missed approach and after plenty of rescaling the navdisplay forth and back it started to work again. This reminds me of the similar 78X heavy problem.

OK, looking forward to that.
I agree about the default flightplanning.
I use SimBrief which I load in the WorldMap. But without SID/STARS I’ll add them when I’m in the aircraft. I then cannot use the init req in the INIT menu but haven’t encountered any problems with that so far.

And right now I added a STAR and nothing happened, no WP at all was inserted. The current route WP was unchanged. The Flightplan in the FMS though indicates that the STAR is inserted.

I’m afraid someone has to take a more serious overview of all this. Not much is working. After some weeks I still haven’t been able to perform one single IFR trip.

Leaving this and goes back to FSX until there is a new version.

I’ve had the same experience.
I don’t insert the STAR proc even if it is cleared from the ATC. In Italy for example, presenting a flight plan with SID and STAR is forbidden.
I’ve tried to insert via MCDU the STAR proc when descinding or in cruise but the issues provided are the same listed by you.
Moreover there are several other issues using MCDU. For ex. sometime the DIR function erases part of flight plan.