A32NX stutters?

Hey all, just wanted to see if the micro stutters with the a32nx is just me or if its the mod at the moment. Particularly worse in cockpit. Frame rates go around 40-55 which is totally fine

Not complaining, I adore the work being put into this, and I have to fly with it! I’m just curious if there is optimisation work to do further down the road or if its my machine?

I do have glass cockpit refresh rate set to low, but increasing also doesnt seem to make much difference. I definitely have a smoother experience with the vanilla a320

Thanks for your input!

BTW: ryzen 5 3600, 32gb ram and a 2070 super

the stutters are caused, because you are limited by mainthread. You should be able to double check that, when activating the FPS viewer in the developer mode. So far, there is nothing you can do about these stutters, unlucky we have to wait for further CPU optimization.