A32NX taxi tips

Hi there,

I appear to having some struggles with taxiing in the A32NX mod. See, I have no clue whether this is accurate or not but even on almost max take-off weight, I can taxi completely on idle thrust. The aircraft actually just keeps going way too fast on the ground even with the throttle all the way on idle. Meaning I keep having to spam the brakes to make corners.

I have a few questions:

  1. Is this accurate to real life? Even on max take-off weight?
  2. Is there a way to decrease idle thrust in the FMC or something?
  3. If answer 2 is no, how do you guys usually deal with this?
  4. I have a basic thrustmaster Hotas X, where I use a button for the brakes. Problem with this is that the sim digitally makes the brakes gradual, if that makes sense. Making the braking rather bumpy. Any tips for making this smoother?



Yes, this is very accurate.
The engines produce that much thrust, that even on idle, once the brakes are released the aircraft will start moving and will steadily accelerate.
Braking is required to slow the aircraft down during taxi.
In a real aircraft, it is important not to “ride the brakes”, as when this occurs it gets them too hot prior to takeoff, which can prove disastrous in a rejected take off scenario.

The only way to prevent this with the sim is to assign a controller axis to the brakes, but a lot of times, there aren’t enough axis on a controller to do so.
Unfortunately, it is one of the disadvantages of trying to use controls that the real thing wasn’t designed to be operated with.


Yeah I thought so… I’ll just have to figure something out than. Alright, thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile:

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