A32nx throttles setup

Hi there, yeaterday I update the A32NX to version 0.7.0 and I have Thrustmaster Flight Hotas 4.
I can’t setup my throttles is there a way to cancle the calibrate and return to the state before the v 0.7.0
or there is a way to update Thrustmaster Flight Hotas 4 correctly.

why aren’t you able to re-calibrate it via the FBW “iPad”? Does it not let you?

Also, one other thing to try – when you spawn in cold/dark, go to Peripherals settings, click on Sensitivity - what are your settings there? I reset mine to default and it worked fine, that way - but I don’t have a T.HOTAS, I have the TCA Quadrant, so that may not be a solve).

Thanks TCA is different Ihave ni idea how to calibrate this T.HOTAS i will search in youtube for tutorial.

I guess I misread your post. Yes, there are plenty of youtube vids on how to use and setup the T.HOTAS but also check out Fly By Wire’s website, they explain how to calibrate.

Thanks, Appreciate

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I fix my issue with the throttles setup, moxiejeff thahks for that.

I use a Logitech Extreme 3D pro and since upgrading the throttle is behaving really weird. I checked sensitivity settings and my joystick still works fine. It’s set on a linear path for throttle.

Zero throttle now results in reverse thrust as I found out during taxiing. Not that big of a an issue. What is very weird is, I can’t get it on CLB indent anymore. Just a mm tiny tap of the throttle control pushes it up to FLX indent, or back down to A/THR indent. Which happens at reaching half of the range on the Joystick Slider X. The other half of the input range seems to be ignore.

It looks like the plane only recognizes half the range of my throttle input, which corresponds to 0 to50% throttle input on the plane, then goes to full out from there ignoring the other half of the scale.

Anyway to fix this?

Hi I used 1 axis, I have T.HOTAS 4 Throttles and for me it work fine. I use the F2 and F1 for thrustreverser. other not work good for me.